About Us


How we started?

A first time mother, who struggled to breastfeed her firstborn and wasn't successful in her breastfeeding journey. She managed to breastfeed barely for a month and supplement with formula milk. Even thou each time when you pump out, the yield was just that little. It ain't easy to quit breastfeeding and emotionally not ready. Only breastfeed mummies will know. At that time, breastfeeding is not common and she felt helpless with lack of knowledge in breastfeeding.
Years after, she decided to bake lactation cookies for a few lactating mummies to try out her bakes. And many come back and tell her, "I cannot stop munching your cookies at ONE" and some say, "My supply increased"!! And yes, that's how Little Darling was born in 2017! In 2019, she welcome her second born! With Little Darling Lactation goodies, she managed to breastfeed better than her first born. To date, she is still breastfeeding her second born. You do the math of how many months into her breastfeeding.

How Little Darling's Name came along? 

Our aim is to increased breast milk for breastfeeding mummies, to meet your Little Darling nutritional needs and hungry cues. When you think of your Little Darling hungry cues, you will think of us!